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If you want to be a member of the 198 Student Social Media Marketplace USA, you would not have a hard time. You not only become a prestigious and credible social media promotions company, but you also gain access to the TILG CEO Network services and other added features for 30 days. The good news is that such services are for free!

You could avail membership options for 60 Day Campaigns ($ __), 90 Day Campaigns ($__) and 120 Day Campaigns ($___) based on your needs. With 198 Social Media Marketplace, you are presented with services that would have been too pricey in other companies. You really get what you need and deserve, thanks to the following specific services, such as 198 Student Social Consultant, 198 TILG Student Social Media, 198 TILG Student Coach Support Team, Social Media Launch, and Support Team Manager. All of these services provide a manpower and 24-hour support by 20,000 members of the team.

We have gathered all the brightest and the best social media providers around the world to give you the necessary resources before the launch of the viral video campaigns 24/7 for 90 days. These mass viral video campaigns will be launched to various local, regional, national, and global areas.

An added bonus is the following freebies that come with the membership:

● tapping into the Ike Lemuwa CEO networks with a team in over 198 to 200 countries.
● 198 TILG Media support team, who would gladly accommodate your queries on media and promotions
● 198 TILG publishing support team for the news articles, blog comments, and press releases
● 198 TILG Campaign breeder support team, who provides assistance in mass viral video campaigns so that they would reach all 198 to 200 nations
● 198Student Social Media Support Team, who would instantly share updates on various social media platforms
● 198TILG Viral Video Support Team to launch the campaigns through local, regional, national, and global channels
● 198TILG Crowdfunding Support Team
● 198TILG Mass Reviews Support Team to make sure that you get the branding for your CEO and company
● 198TILG Blog Comments Support Team to provide more credence to your CEO
● 198TILG News briefs Support Team, who would take care of the news articles
● 198TILG Video Reviews Support Team
● 198TILG Pinterest Support Team, who would post graphics and pictures
● 198TILG Amazon Publishing and Promotion Support Team, for ebooks and other documents that need sharing
● 198TILG Twitter Campaign Support Team, for quick and easy sharing of data
These experts are available in over 198 to 200 nations!